White Noise: The Light Reviews

Casting from cult TV pays off, with Fillion (Firefly) solid as the perplexed protagonist and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) demonstrating smiley scatty charisma on a Cameron Diaz-Kate Winslet level in what ought to be a nothing role.

What makes it stand apart from most horror films we saw last year (and its predecessor), is that it features a couple of really good characters…….Rarely do I have anything good to say about performances in horror films, but with White Noise 2 I will gladly make an exception. Maybe it’s because the character has a tragic history, but Fillion really makes you feel for Abe. When he tries to use his gifts to save lives it doesn’t seem artificially heroic, but rather the actions of a man desperate to achieve closure after suffering a tragic loss. Sackhoff pops up regularly as Sherry, Abe’s former nurse, and again there is a depth to her performance that you don’t usually see in this sort of film.

The cast, particularly Fillion and Katee Sackhoff are both incredibly warm and likeable, adding humour and compassion to their roles, and the supporting cast are all great as well…
White Noise: The Light, is very well made with beautiful effects work, gorgeous locations, a great and likeable cast and a very interesting story. It also has bucket loads of action, more scares than the first film and some blood too. In all, it’s a great start to a year which promises some very interesting genre treats.

Surprisingly enjoyable sequel with an intriguing premise and strong, likeable performances…………Nathan Fillion is excellent in the lead, although it’s a shame that his character’s less-than-cheery disposition means that the film is mostly deprived of Fillion’s comic delivery. Katee Sackhoff is equally good as the female lead ………… Don’t be put off if you hated the original, because the sequel is a surprisingly enjoyable thriller

A near-death experience gives Abe Dale the ability to see a spooky light emanating from those about to die. The casting of Fillion and Sackhoff, from Firefly and Battlestar Galactica respectively, pays off by providing charming actors who can play this stuff seriously.

I did not really want to see this film. I don’t really like the horror genre much and the early hints were that this film wasn’t going to be very good. HOW WRONG Straight away you really care about Abe (Fillion) his performance alone is worth the admission , the emotion he conveys is so genuine it really brings tears to your eyes. He also has great chemistry with Katee Sackoff and their scenes together are a joy to watch. Add to this great convincing stunts, plenty of “oh so that’s why that happened” moments and good performances from the supporting players and you have a film worth seeing. I loved it and have already seen it for a second time and its already on my must have on DVD list too.

As a fan of Fillion already, I was surprisingly impressed at just how much more range he had to show – taking dislike only really at the notion that his character’s job is never actually explained. As if that weren’t enough, Fillion handles the romantic developments with Katee Sackhoff’s Sherry with a tender awkwardness that every Firefly/Serenity fan always wanted to see with that franchise’s Inara character. That’s not to say that Fillion doesn’t get his fair share of trademark wit, the rather boldly written script takes care of that quite nicely as well. In the long and short, whether you like or dislike the film, it’s impossible to doubt Fillion’s star turn here….One of the better horror sequels I’ve seen in recent years, White Noise: The Light is a solid horror/thriller and another terrific vehicle for Nathan Fillion.

…Star Nathan Fillion … made a very effective “everyman” hero. He has the same easy, middle-American charm of the young Kevin Costner. Here he creates tremendous sympathy for his character, which pays off in spades towards the end. God knows Hollywood needs some younger leading men right now and it could do a lot worse than Fillion.

This horror movie isn’t going to set box offices on fire, but it’s suitably scary, with some good fright scenes, and of course, there’s Nathan Fillion, who’s great in the lead role, and actually makes you care for his character. Definitely better than expected.

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