Sexy Pool Party Sketch

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  1. This was so funny! I have to disagree with the “mom” comment though, Nathan Fillion is a sexy man to all!

  2. Also, funny thing.. when Nathan “barks” at the end my cat goes crazy. Nathan Fillion is sexy to my cat!

  3. Hysterical, every time I watch it! Love Nathan!! He is definitely one of the sexiest men!

  4. This is great! I laugh every time I watch it, went crazy when I saw Nathan. He is definitely one of the sexiest men ever!

  5. This is hysterical! Favorite line: “Tonight,I’m gonna poop in your shoe!” Favorite moment: Nathan barking! Nathan is hot, hot, hot and SO funny!

  6. Had me laughing out loud…could not imagine where the three were going to meld to, and wondered why this was on Nathan’s site, but it all came to the fore with absolute hysteria…I just love that confused, “lost” expression of Nathan’s…I could watch him forever! Other “pre-water” and “post-water” dudes…sorry, you were ALL immediately forgotten and forsaken…Nathan, pooled or not, and age not withstanding, took the scene and the clip…and, btw, I may be a mother, but I am not dead!

  7. That was FANTASTIC! Nathan is a great and versatile actor and a gentleman. This short clip just tops all that I know about him off.

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