Nathan Fillion in “Trucker” movie

Trucker is an independently financed drama about a female truck driver (Michelle Monaghan) living a careless life with no responsibility who suddenly has to care for her estranged 11 year old son after his father (Benjamin Bratt) is hospitalized. Trucker also features Nathan Fillion, Joey Lauren Adams and Jimmy Bennet. Trucker is being produced by Plumb Pictures and script writer… View Post

Nathan Fillion Says Kids Need to Read

The Kids Need to Read project, led by sci-fi author PJ Haarsma and supported by actor Nathan Fillion and many volunteers has been officially launched.

Nathan & Joss Whedon again?

IGN recently reported (quoted below) that Nathan Fillion & Joss Whedon were considering working together again on a project that Nathan himself had written – turns out that this is not the case at all and that while Nathan would love to be involved in the project, he cannot be credited as developing it.

Nathan – a Hero

These days we all love our heroes. But while many people associate the idea with power of one sort or another, be it Wolverine or Hiro Nakamura, few people actually think about the meaning of the word. That’s why actor, funnyman and all round legend Nathan Fillion has teamed up with British artist Martin Firrell to create a new art… View Post

Serenity Collectors Edition DVD

The new Collectors Edition of Serenity is due to be released this August.  This two disk edition will include the additional features previously only available on the Australian release as well as a new commentary track featuring Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau & Ron Glass.  For details on all the features and a sneak preview of behind… View Post