Nathan Fillion’s friend hears characters speak

PJ Haarsma talks about how he ended up an author and online MMO game creator after making a movie and spending 20 years in advertising. He also talks about how he and his friend Nathan Fillion are involved in getting kids to read read more | digg story

Truckin’ with Nathan Fillion

And co-starring with [Michell Monaghan] in the movie is Nathan Fillion, the former captain of Serenity and a man who deserves far more success than his films have achieved to date. Also in the cast are Joey Lauren Adams, Jimmy Bennett and Benjamin Bratt, who plays the sprog’s sick dad. Full Article: Total Film

More on Nathan Fillion in Desperate Housewives

Also thanking the Hollywood gods is Fillion, who’s still recovering from the flat tire that was Fox’s Drive. “My manager asked, ‘If someone were to tell you that you could be any kind of doctor on Wisteria Lane, what kind would you be?’ ” he recalls. “I said I’d be a gynecologist so I could interact with all the women.”… View Post

Nathan Fillion’s show Firefly Hits #1

Nathan Fillion is best known for his lead role in the Cult series Firefly.  Firefly has been voted Best TV Show of All Time – Firefly has been creeping up the chart for months and has finally taken the #1 spot Source:

Nathan Fillion interviews PJ Haarsma

Friendship, writing, getting kids to read, Halo… The tables are turned and Nathan Fillion asks the questions… Nathan & PJ talk about how PJ started writing and why they’re both passionate about the “Kids Need to Read” project finishing up with some fun Halo discussion which includes an audio link..