Nathan Fillion attendance at Phoenix Comicon Cancelled

Nathan Fillion’s appearance at Phoenix Comicon has been cancelled due to a mix-up of dates, Nathan was double-booked for both the Phoenix Comicon and the FX Show. He will be appearing at the FX International Show in Florida the same weekend 25-27th Jan 2008. Nathan Fillion, PJ Haarsma, the Kids Need to Read foundation, and the Phoenix Comicon apologize for… View Post

Nathan Fillion attends Phoenix Comicon to support Kids Need to Read!

Nathan Fillion, who portrayed Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the Joss Whedon television series Firefly and in the movie Serenity will be attending the Phoenix Comicon in support of Kids Need to Read! When two friends get together and discuss something they are very passionate about, good things usually happen. The Kids Need to Read project was born from such a… View Post

Nathan Fillion – the best news about Desperate Housewives

…Now Katherine is back, with a handsome new husband in tow – a doctor – and sporting the sort of controlling, snippy attitude that makes Bree look like a free spirit. The two arrive with a mystery, as well: Though Susan’s daughter remembers her former friend well, those memories are not reciprocated. The best news about this new season is… View Post

Author claims to kick Nathan Fillion’s butt

SFX interview – PJ Haarsma says he was kicking actor Nathan Fillion’s butt when they came up with a plan to use fan power for good. (Check the link below for details) This is a great interview with author PJ Haarsma who is – along with Nathan Fillion – involved in a project that is working towards encouraging kids to… View Post