Nathan & Joss Whedon again?

IGN recently reported (quoted below) that Nathan Fillion & Joss Whedon were considering working together again on a project that Nathan himself had written – turns out that this is not the case at all and that while Nathan would love to be involved in the project, he cannot be credited as developing it.

“Two days after Joss finished writing Wonder Woman, which he’s no longer doing, but he’d just finished writing it, I sent him an email that said ‘Okay, you’ve had two days to relax so it’s time to start thinking about your next project. I wrote a couple of scenes of this one particular project and I sent it to him. I said ‘Look, you writing it and making it awesome and me starring in it, let’s go!'”Of course, the question that followed was: “Can you tell us about it?”

Fillion said: “I don’t want to tell you because it’s still in development, I’ve got my fingers in it and I want to be involved.”

Of course, this wasn’t good enough and no self respecting fan of anything Whedon or Fillion would walk away without a little bit more. So the next question (or statement rather):

“Just give us a hint.”

Fillion: “It’s a western. I’ll tell you that, it’s a western.”

No spaceships, no moons, but a straight forward horse and six-shooter western. Written and directed by Joss Whedon and starring Nathan Fillion. It may never happen, it’s very earily, but there it is. If that’s not enough for you all to get excited, check your pulse.

  • Full Article: IGN

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