Nathan Fillion’s Heart of Gold

Nathan Fillion paid a visit to a special fan recently. Kim Burris suffered a stroke and her daughter wrote a letter to Nathan which touched him enough that he surprised Kim with a visit to her home.

Nathan was very generous to give up his time to visit this family’s home. It is important to note however that actors like Nathan are NOT under ANY obligation to respond to such requests from people and we recommend that you resist harassing or pressuring Nathan or other celebrities to respond to personal requests. Please take a moment to think it through. There are literally thousands and thousands of fans who would love a visit from Nathan and many of them suffering from terrible hardships but he works up to 17 hours a day, how could he possibly respond to even a few people. If Nathan (or any other celebrity) does not respond to requests like this it doesn’t mean they don’t care or that they are insensitive, it is simply that they are not in a position to be able to respond to people the way they would like to.



  1. Thank you so much for visiting my neice and her family. They are an amazing family! I love Castle and I will love it even more now!

  2. I knew It,Mr Fillion is a man wilh a big hart. And when you know the hrs. He and the rest of the cast and crew works…….How they do it……I’ll never understand.All I can say is thank you,and hope for many more season’s of Castle.
    All the best from LivK, Norway

  3. I believe you will be blessed for your kindness. My favorite expression is, what you give….you gain; what you keep…you lose. In Him, Jolene, Dallas, Tx

  4. He is such a sweetheart! I love him so much!!!! I have never been so proud to call a celebrity a fellow Canadian!

  5. Wow!! Nathan Fillion is an amazing person, he has a heart of gold. I love Castle and I hope for many more episodes to come.

  6. Right back at you Angelina. I think he is a special man and I certainly know how hard he works as well as his fellow cast. Hope he continues to be the person that he has become with all the success that Castle has had in the few last years ,he certainly deserves all the accalades that go along with personal success.

  7. I have to say, I just came across this and Nathan Fillion is my brother’s doppleganger. haha and I adore my brother – also big hearts. Never knew how wonderful Canadians were, tho! Wow! I’m gonna have to take a closer look at that. God bless you guys! And especially this precious family. Well done, Nathan! 🙂 (my son’s name)

  8. A Great Actor, We all know that, but also a great person, loving to everyone, friendly, polite, and very supportive. Nathan is an example to all. Gestures like this define it. Thanks Nathan Fillion is proud to be your fan!

  9. Respect !
    It seems that he’s really engaged .
    I’m surprised!- because I believe the majority of actors
    are only interested in publicity.
    Well done 🙂

  10. Mi comentario es en espanol y el gesto de este actor me conmovio mucho y veo en el un angel de Dios en la Tierra. Estas acciones son las que muchos artistas deben imitar. Yo lo exhorto a que siga ayudando a los necesitados y sobre todos los enfermos. Dios lo bendiga y siga adelante.

  11. Nathan has a Twitter account, he has 2 million followers however so does not have time to read all of his replies but I”m sure he tries to read as many as he can.

  12. This video is awesome….He is truly an amazing person, inspiring and honorable, a true natural.. Canadians should be so proud of him . Not only USA actors/ actresses should learn from this example but all citizens . I now am a fan forever . God bless you Nathan….your a true gentleman!!

  13. Nathan Fillion is a wonderful actor and a wonderful person too. When he is around , – and – may be only on TV or Internet, the world feels a little bit better. It was something not to see at first sight (for me) – but it makes a deep impression, and so i like Nathan Fillion very, very much. – with best regards from germany, Anke

  14. I think if Nathan visited me even without a stroke I’d be making the same noises she made.This was heart-warming to watch and I hope she recovers swiftly.

  15. That was really sweet and thoughtful of Nathan to come out and see Kim. She deserves it a lot.

  16. Congratulations for being you, I think you’re a great person that makes you smile inside and out. Personally I thank you because you make me smile and forget my big problems. Do not ever change. A sincere hug from Spain.

  17. I have a new respect for Nathan. Sometimes a visit from a celebrity can be the inspiration a patient needs to fight back from a devastating trauma. The human spirit is amazing and Nathan gave Kim a great gift by just sharing his kindness. Yes, his parents raised him well

  18. Happy Birthday Nathan. Yes, your parents raised you right. I was a student of your mother. She was my favorite teacher, and I even babysat you and Jeff a time or two.

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