Nathan Fillion, the Writer

Nathan Fillion was a last minute guest at this year’s Cut Festival, a children’s charity event held in Los Angeles. The Cut event centers around movies and how they are made and one of this year’s feature movies was Nathan Fillion’s “Slither”.

Among the participants in the Slither panel following the movie were Nathan Fillion, James Gunn & Michael Rooker.

Nathan has been kept busy recently with Desperate Housewives, the movies Chilled in Miami & Trucker and Joss Whedon’s new musical Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog but when one of the attendees asked what had been keeping Nathan Fillion busy he revealed that a pilot he had written was recently picked up by ABC.

With the working title of “Repo Brothers” the comedy tells the story of two brothers who become repo men and was inspired by an incident where Nathan was picking locks with friend Alan Tudyk. Nathan mentioned last year in an interview with SFX magazine that he had penned the pilot and a couple of episodes of a TV show and would some day like to write and direct a movie.


(From SFX Magazine interview ‘The Fannish Inquisition)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?
“In ten years’ time I will have written and directed my own movie. That’s an aspiration I’ve had for a long time. I wrote a pilot once. After seeing a documentary on TV about how a key works in a tumbler, I learned how to pick locks. And Alan Tudyk was watching me try to pick a lock in my living room, suddenly he looked around and whispered, ‘You gotta hurry with that. Somebody might be coming.’ I started laughing, but he kept it up: ‘I’m just saying, come on! You said you were good at this! We can’t stand out here forever…’ And we were sitting there playing with this and he had me laughing so much I was crying. I thought: I’ve got to write a story about this. Who would have this relationship? They’d have to be brothers at least, somehow involved in breaking in. I wrote a pilot and couple of episodes of a show about brothers who become repo men. And that could be my movie. I call it The Repo Brothers.”


  1. Now that it what I call a shiny story! Mr Fillion is having a heck of a year so far. This could be the year he takes the ‘nearly famous actor’ off his website!

  2. Well I hope he learns how to use a dictaphone. If he’s as slow at typing as he claims, we may be awhile between episodes.
    And I doubt he will ever take the ‘nearly’ off, he’s too modest for that.

  3. He does say he’s already written a couple of episodes, and just because he wrote that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll write them all.

    We shall see . . .

  4. Can I put in a request for Nathan and Alan to be the brothers? I know they don’t look alike, but then who does in TV-Land? And I say congrats too – Created by Nathan Fillion sounds like a fantastic idea!

  5. How about another Firefly Movie? Make that your first Movie, with the help of Joss if hes not too busy on the Dollhouse thing. Mal is a role made for you Nathan. I would stick with the action roles(I.E. Harrison Ford or Tom Selleck)

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