Nathan Fillion, one of those guys…

Nathan Fillion is just one of those guys I root for. We all have people like that — for one reason or another the people whom they portray on screen captures our imagination, the actor has a certain way of carrying themselves, of delivering lines, of doing what they do. For me, Nathan Fillion is one of those guys.

I didn’t know who Fillion was back when he was on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, nor when he appeared as Caleb on Buffy. No, I watched the first sporadically and the second religiously, but I didn’t know Fillion. The first time I realized I enjoyed watching him was, I think, when many Fillion fans realized it — with the premiere of Firefly. Of course, Firefly didn’t last all that long, so I didn’t really have a good chance to know Fillion at the time, I just knew that I was intrigued.

By the time he appeared, three years later, in Serenity, I was well aware of who Fillion was. I had watched all of Firefly on DVD, and had been looking forward to the film for some time. Of course, I didn’t only seek out Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds; I watched him in Slither, an episode or two of Drive, Waitress, Desperate Housewives, and last night (and the reason I’m telling you all of this) on Castle…

…A few good moments every episode, a few good murder mysteries, and characters who get slightly more deep over time, and Castle could turn into a really good show. Right now, the premiere was good enough, and so with Fillion starring I’ll be tuning in for a few more episodes at least.

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