Have Lunch or Dinner with Nathan Fillion

“Every day, 5,000 kids under the age of 5 die from water-related illnesses. Let’s change that.”

NathanGenerally birthdays mean you get stuff, but Nathan Fillion likes to do things differently and he’s offering to give YOU things for his birthday in exchange for your donation to Charity Water.

In the past two years Nathan has supported Charity Water for his birthday and raised enough money to build 22 wells that help meet the daily essential needs for around 8,000 people and this year he’s happily doing so again!

In exchange for your generosity Nathan is offering a chance for some lucky fans to win a trip to visit him for lunch or dinner including flights and accommodation!

  • Every $10 donation enters you and a guest into a chance to win a lunch or dinner date with Nathan (airfare + accommodations included)*
  • Every $250 donation gives you 25 entries to win the trip + a signed photograph
  • Every $500 donation gives you 50 entires to win the trip + a signed photograph + a thank you tweet from @NathanFillion
  • The first 10 people to donate $1,500 get 150 entries to win the trip + a signed photo + a personalized video from Nathan
  • The first 5 people to donate $2,500 get 250 entires to win the trip + a signed photo + a personal voicemail from Nathan

To make your donation go to my.charitywater.org/nathan_fillion


  1. I am a very big Fan of castle so of nathan fillion too. And What he Do is very Kind of him so i wish me that much more populary actors Do this Like he did. I come from german and wish to meet sometimes nathan fillion for real in Person. He as Richard Alexander castle to See on the side of Kathrin beckettt is the best What can happen to him. He is genle, attractive , smart and a very Good actor

  2. I think it’s great that you are helping people with your “birthday campaign”. I found out about it too late to enter the contest- darn it- meeting you face to face would be a dream come true. However, I have still donated to your charity. I hope you get all the money you need.

  3. Dear,Mr Fillion,I love your show very much I am your number one fan of Castle .I think you are a very talented actor and I think of what you are doing to keep people well I am all for it . I hope you get this message . Sincerely ,Barbara Witte

  4. selfishness at its best. GIVE to get . So many will benefit by a contribution . Not to give is the incorrect response. Thank you for this reminder of many lives singing on your Birthday .

  5. Love what your doing Nathan. In my tradition water is life. It feeds us and our livestock. Where I live we try to use our water wisely we use it to give life to our crops or to give water to our livestock which to my tribe is sheep, cattle and horses. And the crops we grow to the animals we raise can feed thousands of families in my community. It may not be some where in Africa or in India, however feeding my people here in the United States and on my reservation is important to me. Just as important to you to feed millions of people of the world. Because not only is the United States Suffering from hunger many parts of the world is suffering. AND WATER CAN BRING NEW LIFE!! So keep doing what your doing.. Love Wy

    “We are the change we wise to see in the world.”

  6. Dear Nathan – Of course your Birthday charity is wonderful, and I will be donating a substantial amount this year. Yet, I also wish to thank you for all of the wonderful and talented “giving” that you do on the show, and the remarkable and creative team of writers and producers who create it all. It’s a gigantic team that guides the show through every excellent moment. The actors are a true ensemble, in fact the entire production crew is, too. I can see the joy and excitement in you, as an actor who loves every moment of Castle. You have a remarkably bright glow as you enjoy the show’s outstanding success, as well as your own success. You deserve every moment of the appreciation and adoration because you ARE a remarkable man who’s far more like Castle than I believe anyone ever expected. As a comedy writer for many years for so many others, I can see how wonderful it would be to write for you in collaboration. You’re a brilliant actor and comedian! May your successes and far reaching and your love of giving to others bring you much happiness and fulfillment. I plan on settling back and watching Castle for years!!!
    Sincere blessings for the entire ensemble.

    Margo Tannenbaum

  7. I love Castle because the show is amazing and the show has the best actors. I always wanted to meet Nathan and the rest of the cast

  8. Nathan your manager needs to do whatever he can to get you the part of Nathan Drake in the uncharted movie! you would be perfect for the role, witty and funny! Pretty much your firefly / serenity role.

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