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While Castle: The Complete First Season isn’t released on DVD until September, reviews have already started piling in, here are a few:

Nathan Fillion is brilliant as ABC’s new world famous author-turned-pseudo-cop Richard Castle. Behind the veneer of an arrogant celebrity, who seems to have let dozens of best sellers and world acclaim go to his head, Castle is truly a kind-hearted man and a compassionate father. Besides writing, his favorite hobby seems to be irritating Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the NYPD detective who was in charge of a investigating a string of copy-cat murders modeled after Castle’s own murder mystery books. Since he’s killed off the main character of his last series, Castle needs new inspiration for his next set of novels, and he finds his muse with the charming but difficult-to-crack detective. The chemistry between Fillion and Katic is astounding, leaving the audience with more to follow than just the murder cases. Unlike most criminal investigation shows, Castle has a heavy focus on humor and the strong development of its characters and their relationships. Not quite a drama and not quite a comedy, this primetime series has elements that appeal to any sensibility. The twisted murder storylines will keep you guessing for the full hour until the conclusion you never expected. –By M. Carter

…what makes the show stand out are the actors and the chemistry they have with each other. And as the previous reviewer pointed out, Nathan Fillion’s performance as the happy-go-lucky, hedonistic, but ultimately kind-natured and smart Castle. Even if you’re not a fan of Fillion, chances are you’ll definitely be one after seeing him in this. His character is just so fun, as is his bantery chemistry with the lovely Stana Katic’s Detective Kate Beckett… But if I can get back to Nathan Fillion for a second, this is the type of role Nathan Fillion was born to play. I can’t think of any actor who would’ve played Castle better than him and he does make the show, not that the show isn’t pretty entertaining by itself. But it would definitely not be the same without him. Anyway, this is a very fun show and I look forward to seeing Castle and Beckett’s relationship progress, hopefully in a second season. –By shelly v

…It works because of Fillion’s immense personal charm, humor, and snap-crackliness. Stana is fine in her semi-tense, driven, cop-girl who doesn’t eat enough way, but the show is Nathan’s. –Mir

I was a little skeptical when I read the summary and saw the first promos for this show. However, I am very happy to say the skepticism was not warranted in any way. The casting is perfect for all of the main and recurring characters. If the role of Castle wasn’t written with Nathan Fillion in mind, one couldn’t tell. There is no-one better for this role. The writing is witty and never overdone or mean. The acting is wonderful, no scenery chewing (thank heavens!) or false steps. The direction is great, letting the actors do what they do best while keeping everything moving at a good pace. I can’t wait for the DVDs or the next season! –Lorr54

Castle is one of the best shows on TV in a long time. It fills the void of crime drama/comedy that hasn’t been seen in years. In these days of quirky off the wall shows,Castle offers the perfect blend of suspense, crime solvings and comedy. Plus, the romantic chemistry/sexual tension between Castle and Det. Kate Beckett is palatable. The show tends to remind one of “Moonlighting” but with more substance, not to mention that NathanFillion puts Bruce Willis to shame… –By L. G. Pitkin

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